About Armor Mats

Companies and contractors of all industries trust Armor Mats ground protection roadways for their most challenging applications, from electrical transmission and distribution to pipelines, civil construction, and more. Whether your site crosses rivers, fields, or wetlands, we make sure your equipment gets there — with portable roads, heavy-duty platforms, and dependable water crossings.

Committed to safer, smarter site access, we’ve created a solution that’s not only safer for crews and the environment but has quickly brought shape to the futuristic age of modern matting technology. Made of premium composite materials and 100% steel, our mats are the world’s leading in strength and durability as they are equipped to last 100x longer than any other mat on the market. Providing the most dependability in weight distribution and long-lasting durability, Armor Mats largely mitigate the risk of ground compression, soil mixing, and various terrain damage as they are 100% recyclable and versatile to complete jobs in any climate. Need a reliable mat for your next job? Learn more about the diverse list of sites we serve and find a match with Armor Mats today.